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The inBetPref system is a comprehensive and consistent solution for our customers. It combines cost and time savings with taking responsibility for part of the process: - at the investment preparation stage, providing the selection of solutions and technical advice from the inBet constructor, completed with a construction and workshop design - a "one stop shop" solution, where the customer orders 100% of prefabricated products in one place for the planned investment - responsibility for design, production and logistics is combined in one place, ensuring cohesion.

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  • inBetPref Designing


    1. Comprehensive design of matching precast elements (flight of stairs and filigree landing, filigree slab and double/shell wall)
    2. Optimisation of the use of reinforcing steel
    3. Bespoke design fulfilling customer needs
    4. Cooperation with experienced design offices
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  • inBetPref Production


    1. Comprehensive manufacture of prefabricated elements by one producer (floor slabs, composite walls, balconies, flight of stairs, etc.)
    2. Quality control at every production stage
    3. Flexibility and production speed according to the customer's needs, thanks to modern technological lines
    4. Highly qualified production supervision technical team
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  • inBetPref Logistics


    1. Just-in-time deliveries
    2. Optimisation of the area / weight of loaded elements in terms of maximising the use of means of transport
    3. Damage prevention in the transportation environment

Construction of a storey - technology comparison

Traditional technology ”on-site”

  • high labour consumption - the need for full formwork of the wall, beam and ceiling
  • assembly of complex reinforcement requiring high executive qualifications
  • high costs - necessary of hiring the formwork set and OHS platforms
  • the requirement to clean and maintain formwork during the whole construction process
  • the need to repair any damage caused to the formwork after the end of the hiring period
  • possible shrinkage cracks
  • the need for plastering

Possibility of process and cost optimisation

System inBetPref

  • significantly lower labour intensity on the construction site - labour input transferred to prefabrication
  • no need to install formwork – shell/double walls and filigree slabs are stay-in-place formwork
  • no additional costs of hiring the formwork set and OHS platforms
  • the reinforcement assembly only at the connection of walls and in the slabs’ overconcrete
  • shorter process of storey construction and disassembling supports
  • no need to form the ring beam as the higher outer layer of the shell/double wall forms the ring beam formwork itself
  • no need for plastering due to the high surface quality of prefabricated elements
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